8 Tips for Sponsored Tweets?

By PPC Mom
sponsored twitter

What price do you pay?

I’m back again with another opinion post about sponsored tweets on Twitter. You know where I stand on this issue. My previous post  – Sponsored Posts and Tweets – generated a lot of comments and emails. No doubt about it, this is a hot topic.

The topic of sponsored tweets is not going to go away. My guess is this is here to stay. Therefore, it is wise for each of us to consider our position on the matter.  ShoeMoney has had a huge impact with his announcement that he earned $15,000 from sponsored ads on his Twitter account last month. Wow. $15k for a few tweets. That is incredible and made me stop and wonder…

Is this whole concept totally ridiculous?

Or is it worth a closer look?

I know that many internet marketers are going to take a serious look at this method of generating income. (If you haven’t already!) Before you decide to jump in the deep end, I think it is wise to do some research and weigh up the potential risks and possible benefits.

There is a great blog post by Media Shift @ PBS.org which covers the whole idea of sponsored Twitter accounts in great detail from a media and an advertiser’s perspective. I found it to be a very interesting read and want to say “Thanks” to one of our readers, Simon @ Bloggasm, for bringing it to my attention. Thanks!  ;)

Here are 8 steps to make sponsored tweeting work for you:

(courtesy of the Media Shift blog post mentioned above)

  1. Protect your reputation. (this is my main concern)
  2. Beware of systems based on Pay Per Click.
  3. Be transparent and clear that your tweet is an ad.
  4. Ads perform better if you have fewer followers. (presumably because your followers have chosen to follow you and they trust you?)
  5. Go beyond a simple product pitch.
  6. Ads should be conversational to be effective.
  7. Beware that the networks won’t allow fake twitter accounts.
  8. Too many sponsored tweets will turn off your followers. (I wonder how many is too many?)

I am sure this topic will be discussed in great detail. Where do you stand? Please leave your comment below….

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  • nice points here. I also use SponsoredTweets and make few dollars a week with this program. But few days ago I started to pay more attention to it and now my price is rising and I get more offers and more income from SponsoredTweets. I also write a blog about making money on Twitter, where you can find some interesting posts about SponsoredTweets. http://makemoneytwitter.blogsp...

  • I'm signed up for Sponsored Tweets, and run maybe a few a week. As a professional writer, I get paid for my writing because that's how I make a living. Tweets are short pieces of writing! So I believe bloggers or any tweeters should be free and encouraged to make money from their work- the key is to not do it too often so you seem spammy. Also, getting paid a bit (I might make $50 a month, wish it was more!) helps me deal with the guilt of 'social notworking' so I can hang out on twitter! ;)

  • PpcJen

    Hi Mary - Thanks for adding your thoughts to the discussion. It's great to hear different points of view. I agree with what you've said here about writers getting paid for their work. Hey - $50 a month to hang out on Twitter sounds great. I'm realizing that sponsored tweets have their place. Maybe as long as there is full disclosure and no one is being spammed, it's all good.
    Another interesting point is that Twitter doesn't seem to be making any money. I wonder what's going to happen there? It's an interesting debate! I love a good debate! ;)

  • I thought for sure that I would be against them, at first. I have been surprised, though, that they really haven't bothered me at all. There was one day that was kind of funny, though, and I blogged about it here ==> http://easywahmwebsites.com/45...

  • I'm all for making a dime when you find a way to do so. After all, moms gotta put food on the table, and there's nothing wrong with that. What I think I'm finding most ridiculous with Sponsored Tweets is that it's all about "celebrity tweeting" and it just seems so fake and full of poo right off the bat.

    I am a member of Sponsored Tweets and I've been using it from both the side of an advertiser and a tweeter so that I can do a review, and it's definitely been interesting to see people's reactions on Twitter from both sides of the coin.

  • PpcJen

    Hi Loretta! I'm so glad to have your comments. I know you were asking about Sponsored Tweets on Twitter awhile ago. I can't wait to read your review! Should be very interesting to hear both sides of the experience. Great idea! Keep me posted. This is such a hot topic, and I believe it will be a part on internet marketing for a long time to come.

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