AdWords Search Funnel Reporting

By PPC Mom

An interesting development…
Google AdWords have announced a new reporting system that will explain a visitor’s search behavior in the time leading up to a conversion.

This means that we can now track which keywords and PPC ads result in a conversion at any time – up to 30 days prior to the purchase.

Google explain it best in their blog post here: New Reporting in Google AdWords

This is worth a closer look if you’re doing anything in AdWords.
Do you think this will be a useful tool for your business?

Categories : PPC Methods
  • Are you having any success with Adwords these days Jen?

  • PpcJen

    I am using Google AdWords, but not nearly to the extent I was a year ago. The changes over the past year have made this an entirely different playing field. Don't you think?

  • profitaddiction

    I definitely think it would be useful... Unfortunately, Google banned me! :-(

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