Long Update: It’s Been Awhile…

By PPC Mom

Well, it has been awhile since I have posted, because I have been really busy. First things first I actually made a profit the other day. $88 on cpa offers. That was fun. I was so excited, I kept checking the stats all day.

Yesterday was $35 and today, so far is $42, not as good as the first day, but Im hoping to learn more from my stats tonight. As I have tried a couple more campaigns and I want to see what I can do to tweak them.

Other than that, I have made some money installing things for people from ppc-coach I charge $50 for a complete install of 2 scripts, and then answer questions as well.

I will start helping more, as I learn more and become more experienced.

For now, instant message me if you want help or need something, I might be able to help.

Categories : Internet Marketing
  • Nice effort on making a profit. Feels good to be rewarded for your hard work huh? Now just replicate that and expand your campaigns :)

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