More Tools, I Love Tools

By PPC Mom

Have you ever noticed how much easier life gets, with the more tools you add to your arsenal? I know mine is much easier. With that in mind I wanted to share a few things.

First is a plugin I got yesterday. It is the drop down admin menus for 2.6 wordpress. Now, I keep doing blogs because I love working with wordpress, and because I want people to see who I am when I leave comments places. Since wp went to 2.5 I lost my favorite admin drop down menu and it took forever to get someplace in the admin area because you had to wait for multiple pages to load. So, if you have a blog, go get this:

Now, in addition to this I have an extension to Firefox called scrapbook. This is where I paste links and things like that so I can get back to them. Its a note taking extension that saves all your notes as soon as you are done writing them. You don’t have to push save or anything and you can add webpages, folders, and notes. This is very useful if you ever want to look at a list of things at the same time you are looking at a website.

Last, but not least, my newest favorite tool is Evernote. I LOVE this thing. With evernote you can take notes on your computer, and they save to the web, you can access them from everywhere. If you love a post on a website you can easily drag the icon to the website from your tab bar in firefox to the icon for Evernote and it saves the page. All of my favorite blog posts are in there and it is private when your notes are saved to the Internet, so you aren’t republishing someone elses work or anything. I just love this, and it is free, so check it out.

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