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By PPC Mom

Are you ready to quit?

Most people who start with affiliate marketing quit. In fact, I read that over 90% of people who decide to make money online quit within the first 3 months. Ouch! That is a scary statistic, don’t you think?

How can you avoid this and stay in the game?  I think most people give up because they run out of ideas. They’re not sure what system to follow, it all becomes too confusing, and they quit.

In an effort to help YOU not fall victim to this awful statistic, I want to point out one of the cheapest and best resources available for new and experienced affiliates : The Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner. At only $47, this 200+ page ebook is chock full of excellent information for affiliates. I still refer to my copy almost every day.

Lynn Terry – of the Elite Mastermind Forum –  wrote an excellent Super Affiliate Handbook Review which covers the handbook in quite a bit of detail, so I won’t go into all the “nitty gritty” here. Lynn and I have been chatting a bit, and I thought you might like to hear her thoughts on this resource too. I’ve asked her a few key questions, and here is what she had to say:

PPCMom: In your Super Affiliate Handbook Review, you mentioned that it took you less than a week to earn your $47 investment back. What idea was it that sparked your enthusiasm and drove you to take action?

Lynn Terry: It’s worth mentioning that I already had websites, and had a background in web dev and online marketing, so it wasn’t hard for me to implement the ideas and methods quickly. More quickly than someone who is just starting out, for example.

That said, there is something incredibly inspiring about the Super Affiliate Handbook. Just seeing the live examples and the actual methods that Rosalind used to earn multiple 6-figures in one year had light bulbs going off in my mind left and right.

I recently read SAH again, after more than 5 years since I originally downloaded it… and it had the same effect. I couldn’t wait to finish it and immediately started 2 new affiliate sites that same week!

I can’t say that there was any one thing that really sparked that enthusiasm – just something about Rosalind’s style in general. A lot of ebooks are very dry, but this one is such a great read and chock full of images and live examples that it almost feels interactive – it really gets you engaged and motivated.

PpcMom:  The Super Affiliate Handbook includes over 200 pages of essential affiliate marketing information. Which sections would you say are of the most benefit to the struggling affiliate marketers out there?

Lynn Terry:  One of the things I like about the digital version (vs the paperback book you can order on Amazon) is the ability to jump to sections in the book through the digital bookmarks within the PDF. Another perk of course is that you can download updated versions anytime they are available – which is actually a lot, she updates it frequently.

Different sections are going to appeal to different people more depending on their level of experience. Someone who is brand new to the concept of affiliate marketing is going to enjoy the sections explaining what it is, how to find a profitable niche, how to plan and build your website, etc.

Struggling affiliate marketers, as you put it, I assume are already aware of the basic concepts but their efforts are just not cutting it. They will enjoy the examples the most I imagine, as they can see real working affiliate sites and how they make sales.

So depending on where you are with things, or what your weak points are, you’ll be more drawn to certain sections. As a super affiliate myself (during the 2nd reading) I really enjoyed seeing Rosalind’s methods (compared to my own) and also sections like:

- 31 Ways to Market Your Site

- Grow Your Affiliate Business

- How to Manage Your Affiliate Business

- Problem Solving & Avoidance

PpcMom: You’ve been working with these strategies for over 6 years now. What value does the Super Affiliate Handbook provide for the experienced affiliate?

Lynn Terry: A LOT. Any experienced affiliate will know that $47 is a drop in the bucket as an investment, considering the return you can expect from just ONE new idea or tip.

Affiliate Marketing is an ever-changing and constantly evolving model, so I continue to study new methods and concepts. You have to stay up to date with what’s working, what other people are testing, and what new options are available.

We all do things differently, too. Some people focus on squeeze pages and email marketing. Others prefer SEO over PPC, or vice versa. Some use static websites, some use blogs. I like to study a variety of guides and successful affiliates, and their methods, to look for new ideas I can use myself.

It pays to find a way that works best for your market or your product type, but I like to keep an open mind and study other’s models as well.


Super Affiliate Handbook

PpcMom: Why is this book so important to you?


Lynn Terry: Over the years I have tested a number of affiliate models and methods. The one I find easiest AND most profitable is Rosalind Gardner’s methods, as outlined in her Super Affiliate Handbook. I always encourage people to study everything they can about their business model (in this case: affiliate marketing)… but if you only read ONE book to start, it should definitely be the Super Affiliate Handbook in my opinion.

A huge THANK YOU to Lynn Terry for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope you’ve found this information helpful too! To learn more about Lynn, please visit her blog at

Have a fantastic day!

  • I recently purchased it myself. It is the only e-book I wish I had bought on the subject. I would have saved myself a bunch of time and money. I've been converting what I have now to the business model she uses.

  • PpcJen

    Hello there Jeffery! I agree. Rosalind shares a stable, valuable business model in her book. There are no "magic secrets" in this book - or in any other. But I also appreciate having a solid business model to work from that has been proven over time.
    Thanks for visiting & sharing your thoughts! I appreciate it!

  • I bought this book a couple of months ago after listening to Rosalind Gardner on Lynn's webinars. I love the book and have learned a lot from it. I love the fact that Rosalind uses real life website examples. I am so glad I bought the book and am sure it is going to be one of the best buys I ever make.

  • PpcJen

    Wasn't Lynn's webinar great? I just love the way Lynn seems to get the best information out of people! She asked Rosalind all the questions I was thinking in my head. Glad you're enjoying the book too!

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